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Worship Ministry

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Student Ministry

In our Adult Ministry we understand that Spiritual growth is a daily process. For that reason, we focus on equipping the Saints through Discipleship, just as Jesus modeled in His ministry. Through small groups, personal discipleship and mission opportunities we strive to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Senior Adult Ministry at Belden is not much different from our adult ministry. We understand that Spiritual Maturity is an ongoing everyday process for every Christian. There is not a biblical principle that promotes sitting on the bench. As a Christian, spiritual growth should never stop which is why seek to support all individuals as they walk with God through Sunday School & Discipleship. 

​We also offer some special opportunities for our Senior Adults to grow through fellowship with early bible study and a monthly fellowship meal. Come be a part of Belden and see where He takes us.

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Adult Ministry

Christ Centered...

ALL worship must begin with the LORD, be given to the LORD, and be honoring of the LORD. Worship centers on the LORD and is planned with the goal of encountering His presence. This is accomplished by keeping in mind that the LORD does not authorize only one "style" of worship but He does accept many "styles."

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Ministry Opportunities @ BBC

​​Security cards are issued when children are checked in. Children will not be released to anyone without this card. Security cameras allow you to check on your child at any time. The monitor is located at the entrance to the Preschool wing.

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​Beyond the primary principles we believe that students should participate in the church through SERVICE.  They are not the church of tomorrow, they are part of the church today! So, real opportunities for responsible service are made for students. Students are a vital part of Vacation Bible School for children, Fall Festival, general church fellowships & worship leading.

Senior Adult Ministry

Safety, security, and hygiene are practiced throughout our Preschool Ministry allowing you to have peace of mind and worship without distraction.  Nursery and preschool ministry is available during all scheduled church ministry opportunities.

Safety and security are also very important in our Children's Ministry. Our goal is for everyone to be able to participate in Sunday School, Worship or even Bible Study with peace of mind. For this reason, all our kindergarten through 6th graders meet in one building. All rooms can easily be monitored from a central location & adults are always present.​​

Children's Ministry

We are truly blessed to have so many of our fellowship involved in Children's Ministry. We understand the impact God's Word can have on these young minds and strive to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with Biblical truths that tackle real life issues in creative ways.

It's ALL About A...Relationship!          

              It's About...RelationshipS                                              Mark 12:30-31

The Student Ministry at Belden Baptist Church is founded upon these principles:

1. Consistently taught truths from the Bible,  2. ​Intentionally disciple each student on what Jesus said about living as a believer,​ 3. Use Camp and Retreat experiences to broaden each student's world toward missions.